Sherlene Wedding Planner

Finding the Perfect Wedding Planner: A Guide for Brides-to-Be

  1. Determine Your Needs: Understand if you’re looking for full-service planning, day-of coordination, or a customized package.

  2. Research Online: Start with their website to get a feel for their brand. Explore services, past weddings, and most importantly, reviews from past couples. This will give you an understanding of their work and credibility.

  3. Engage on Social Media: Before committing, take a look at their social media profiles to gauge their style, consistency, and client interactions.

  4. Budget: Set a clear budget. This helps in shortlisting planners who can cater to your financial range.

  5. Initial Contact: Once you’ve gauged their online presence and feel they might be a good fit, reach out. Initiate a conversation, preferably via a Zoom or phone call.

  6. Share Your Vision: Discuss details about your wedding – the expected guest count, must-have items, and your budget. A competent planner will guide you to a package that fits your needs.

  7. Key Questions to Ask:

    • Are you available on my desired date and can you work within my budget?
    • What planning packages do you offer and what’s included in them?
    • Can you provide references or showcase past events you’ve planned?
    • Who will be my dedicated planner and what happens if they can’t be present on the wedding day?
    • How will you assist with vendor and venue bookings, and how many team members will support my wedding day?
  8. Interview and Chemistry Check: It’s essential to meet potential planners to ensure your personalities and visions align.

  9. Portfolio & References: Delve deep into their past work and contact previous clients for genuine feedback.

  10. Availability & Contract Clarity: Ensure they’re free on your wedding date. Before signing any agreement, understand the services, costs, and terms clearly.


Always trust your instincts. A good wedding planner will ease your stress and help turn your vision into reality. Happy planning!